Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Come on KJ!!!!! It's one thing to do it but to post about it and taunt me in print, that is just too much. Hope that Coldstone was good! :)

Day 6 Total weight loss so far 5.5lbs
yogurt for breakfast
2 baby carrots
blueberry Chobani
6 strawberries
hard boiled egg
yummy salad with chicken and a tiny bit of feta
oops another yogurt, forgot I had one for breakfast

PS Yes, I may be older, but the grey hair you are going to incur with your 16 year old driving may soon make you look the senior. LOL

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  1. Are you eating enough? I only post the BAD things I eat... It would consume too much space to post everything I eat. :) Of course...this is why you are now negative 5.5 pounds. Go Girl!