Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to thrive and still have time to blog....

Not sure if this can actually happen within the context of my life... I would love to share every moment of what has been keeping me busy these days...but there is not enough time. I do want to share that I have lost over 30 pounds since this journey has begun and am run/walking and/or riding my bike almost every day. I have been made a permanent employee at the school I was subbing at, and even had the circular driveway I had dreamed of put in my front yard this year. I am thriving in many areas of my life. Where are my shortfalls lately? Definitely in my relationship with the Lord.... the engine blew up in my van back in June which made us a family without a vehicle that could fit all of us at once. This became a convenient excuse not to make it up to our church (which is about 40 minutes away) regularly. I know you don't have to go to a church service to worship but it really helps me stay connected. My worship time has consisted of YouTube Praise and Worship sessions posted to my FB on occasional Sunday mornings. I love the Lord but long for intimacy that is currently lacking. I am reminded of the fact that He does not change,so I know what I need to do.

So bottom line for now is this: I am thriving in many areas, lacking in the spiritual side and finding myself too busy to blog about any of it. The truth is at this point, I have absolutely no idea how to thrive and still have time to blog about it.

By the way...KJ has some serious explaining/catching up to do right here!!!