Thursday, May 12, 2016

Do You See What You Have Done?

I think watching S.M. jump in and take action was just what I needed.  I enrolled in the Winter semester at the local college, then enrolled full-time in the Spring semester.  I am just about done.  I will have a week off - then it will be back to school over the summer.

My thoughts I have had lately on thriving is that it is just a matter of doing.

I have been so incredibly busy trying to go to school and work and kids and ALL.  But, if I had nothing to do - would it be thriving?  No.  Thriving is a matter of movement.  It indicates I am doing things I want to do or making steps towards something.

The funny thing is, I have determined that thriving does not always FEEL like thriving.  Sometimes it just feels like life is busy and getting by me. But, it is the very things that make me busy that also contribute to thriving.

Sometimes I look back over the past five years and I just can't believe all that has happened - but then I realize that all that has happened is good.  Those experiences and memories contribute in positive ways to who I have become.  And thriving is all about becoming not just the person I want to become but becoming who my Father in Heaven wants me to be.

Sometimes you just have to step back and look objectively at your path you're making and realize all you have touched and all you have done has molded you and blessed others.  You ARE thriving, you just had to take a moment to realize it.