Sunday, July 26, 2015

This is Like the Journal That I "Re-Start" Every Several Months

This blog has been on my mind a lot lately.  It is a project… a project of discovery that I started years ago.  It was meant to be a quest to discovery. I was determined that if I journal the process, I would find the path that leads from surviving to thriving.  However, years have passed and ‘reasons’ I may have once sensed were the obstacles to my thriving have changed.
Perhaps I thought that if I lost 20 pounds, I would be suited to thrive more in my life – but if that was true, than now I need to lose 40.  If I felt it was my job, now I can say that is one significant step in the right direction, but it didn’t ‘fix’ everything.  I no longer feel that the answer lies in eliminating the trials of life.  That is not realistic.  Thriving cannot be simply a life void of trials.  Thriving is a life full of trials wherein we experience joy.

Staying true to some of my original thoughts I do think that sometimes life just hits us hard and that hit may de-rail us and we cannot simply just return to the tracks. It is almost as if new tracks are required and in the process of searching for those new tracks – we get lost off the tracks.

Marriage, children, job and even we may not be perfect but we must find a way to discover a way of life and a pattern of thought within the day-to-day surviving that allows us to thrive.  Today (this is a quest for discovery – we’ll see if my views of today turn out to be valid) I feel that there are two main elements involved in thriving.  1.  Aligning our will with God’s for our life.  2. Setting goals and making strides towards becoming all you can be and all that God wants you to be.

When we find ourselves ‘kicking against the pricks’ we are certainly not headed in a direction of feeling like we are thriving.  And when we press forward in life with a stubborn attitude of thinking we have it all figured out and will take out whomever and whatever is necessary to get what we want, again, it is only common sense that tells me that will not lead to long-term happiness.

I know that God can do great things with us and as I reflect on life and on all He has done with me, I recognize my times of greatest happiness came from times when I was acting on impressions of the Spirit and aligning my life to His will for me.

How does this translate to action:  Well – I don’t think God’s greatest concern for me in life is that I am a size 6.  I do however feel that He wants me to be healthy – as I can do more good for Him when my body is in a condition to do that good.  So, I need to focus my goals to being items that I feel led to accomplish.  I really think that as I put my focus and effort in areas where the Lord would have me, perhaps I’ll wake up one day and find that the joy I feel from being on His path has given me more energy and I’ll naturally become a size 10, then 8 and maybe even someday 6.  But even if I don’t I will have found that size 6 was not the source of joy.

My areas of concern these days are all around being a better wife, mother, servant of God and prioritizing my own personal development.

How do I act on all of that?  Read, study and pray.  Then act on what I feel for each day.

Off to Thrive ~