About S.M.

I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father, I am a wife to my best friend and husband of 15 1/2 years, I am a mother to 4 incredible daughters, I am a part of a nationwide ministry that is teaching women how to choose joy in their life, and to be quite honest I am a Facebook junkie. I am fast approaching the end of my 30s and am anxious to begin walking in my destiny. My life journey has been one that has taken many turns with a substantial ammount of spiritual road covered in these last 8 years. I love people. I love relationships and love both being involved and getting others involved with living life to the fullest. I have owned my dream business, I have been recognized for substanial achievements, and I have watched mine and my families dreams shatter knowing that sometimes I have been the cause. My life has not been dull. I am an everyday woman. I struggle with my weight, consistency in disciplining my children, making enough time for my husband, and dealing with issues of the past. But each aspect of my life makes me better equipped for what is yet to come.

Today I find myself back in survival mode, and know in my heart that this is not as good as it gets. Recently my Bible study teacher posed the question, "What is the theme of your life?". Right now if I answered that honestly I would have to say frustration, loneliness, exhaustion, and chaos. I have not always been in this place. In fact I have seen the other side, I have had legs on my journey where I have thrived. But now, right now, I am here and am not really sure how I got back here. I know that thriving is where I should be at all times so I am setting course. I want Joy to be the theme of my life and I know that it will be. So, I am taking practical steps to make thriving in a joyful life my norm. "...for the joy of the Lord is your strength" (Nehemiah 8:10) is my new life verse. I know for me there is absolutely no other way I will move forward in this journey without recognizing where my strenth comes from. Once I get back there I plan to stay.

So follow along, and even join in, and be transformed from glory to glory as I or we journey from the pit of survival to the abundance of Everyday THRIVING.