Thursday, March 10, 2011

From S.M.

Sometimes I feel like a failure as a mom. How did my cute little toddler grow into a 'tween who shows abolutely no respect for any member of her family? When did I become the enemy? How loud can I actually yell and still be ignored? Why is it that my first reaction to stress is eating? Why is it I have to be a grown up and not take the family out for comfort food because they are behaving badly and don't deserve it? I didn't do anything wrong to not deserve it. Or did I? Perhaps there is more to this then just a child's bad behavior, perhaps this is a symptom of a bigger problem...perhaps this is where I have to admit, I am just surviving, trying to parent to the best and sometimes not best of my ability. There has got to be something do I get to the place where I and then my family in turn begin to thrive? This is the beginning of a journey, one that I pray is life changing.

Diet log for the day:
mandarin orange
1/3 slice of turkey breast
1 glass of water
1 plate of whole wheat pasta with pesto and steamed veggies. (Which tasted nothing like the chicken wings would have that I almost headed out to eat.)

It is noteworthy to mention that to much of the outside world I am Supermom...this is the real me...when the cape is off!

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