Monday, March 28, 2011

Ta dah!

I have finally completed all coursework for my Associates Degree. It has taken me 20 years. I wish I had taken college just a bit more seriously as a young adult but since I did not I only managed to earn a minimal amount of credit hours in my first semesters. I then withdrew and worked and played for several years. When Terry and I were first married I took a few classes here and there and did well. Then years later, in order to take time off from my full time job so I could open my own business, I went back to school full time and once again did well. I always thought, wow, it would be great if I could get paid to go to school. :) So finally about 2 or so years ago I went back to finish what I thought were the final few credits I needed which turned out to be 30 more credit hours. It took me longer than the average student but I finally finished all of my coursework for the final class in early February. Today I received my notification that my final grade was an A and all I am waiting for now is my degree to be mailed to me. I finished my degree through SUNY Empire State College and I am so thankful. An Associates Degree does not mean a lot on the job market nowadays but it means a lot to me. For one thing there is personal satisfaction, for another my children will know that I earned a degree, the big one is that I completed something- this tends to be an area I struggle greatly in, and finally it fills in the gap on what I feel is a rather impressive resume. As of right now I have a job interview next week. I LOVE being a mostly stay at home mom but financially the family needs my help, so I am believing that God is going to lead me into a great job that will allow me to work creatively in an environment where I impact the lives of young children and their families. I'll keep you posted! Day 5 of my current diet and I have lost 2.5 lbs and I feel fantastic!

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