Thursday, March 10, 2011

From K.J.

Good day today. I hit the treadmill twice and made some serious strides towards cleaning the disaster I call my bedroom. It has been a process trying to clean out all my hot spots. Today felt really good. If only I didn't eat gummy bears, brownies, fuit loops, chocolate and chinese take out I would feel super about the day. I was a nice mom today. Let my kids do things I normally would say no to. I struggle with S1 (son #1). I have decided the healing road of our relationship may be service. You love those you serve. I need to love him... more than I do. Perhaps by serving him (beyong the normal mom ways of providing food and shelter) I will grow to love him.. which will take me off 'edge' all the time. I cleaned his bedroom today. It took me hours. I feel good... I feel on track.

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