Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I have come to realize, that no matter what, if you want to feel like you are thriving.... you can't take yourself too seriously.

I stopped by the Social Security office a couple days ago so I could request a new card with my new married name.  I went in, completed my business and then went to quickly leave so I could make it home for a quick bite to eat.  As I exited the office I looked down at my folder I was carrying containing my list of things to do.  The doors as you exit the office are automatic... but I failed to take into account my pace with the speed of the opening doors.  The whole right side of my body slammed into the slowly opening door.  It hurt.  I hobbled to my car.  When I got in my car I took a deep breath and attempted to move all the body parts I had just smashed to ensure they were all still working.  As I sat there I looked up and noticed the security guard from the Social Security office shaking her head as she attempted to put the door I ran into back on its tracks.  oops.

Yesterday during my lunch break (yes! lunch break... I am back to work... at least for a little while) I stopped at WalMart to pick up my contacts.  I have been out of contacts for months now.  I really hate wearing my glasses, so I have no idea what has taken me so long to order my contacts, except that the eye drops I take for my eye pressure don't seem to mix well with contacts.... at least any contact I have worn longer than eight hours.  So, I did what makes sense and went with daily contacts. I went to WalMart last week and ordered a year supply - a deal that seemed the best considering the rebate and lower cost per box with such a move.

As I walked swiftly into the store and headed for the eye center, I hit a slippery patch on the floor and my right foot slid way ahead of me and my left foot rolled onto its side.  As my left foot rolled, my shoe came off and the rest of my body lunged forward in an attempt to keep up with my sliding right foot.  By the time I stopped stumbling and got back on my two feet, I had to walk back ten feet to find my lost shoe.  I am certain all who were watching enjoyed the short comedy show as they stood in line to check out. 

I arrived at the vision center and went through all the steps for them to look me up and find my order.  The gentleman then got up and walked over to the closet and returned with a very large box.  I had not given much thought to what a year supply of daily contacts looks like... but, it is a big box.  I am certain it was in an effort to make the bulky box easier to carry that he placed the box in a standard size plastic bag.  I am not sure that simplified anything as the box stuck out of the bag so much it was difficult to hold both handles of the bag.

I took my bulky bag and headed for my car in the parking lot.  I had made it just out of the building and halfway across the lane of traffic when the bag ripped a little causing me to loose my grip.  The box tumbled out of the bag, landing no other way then upside down, knocking the lid open and causing the boxes of contact lenses to scatter across the black top.

Really, I will never thrive if I take myself too seriously!

And I don't think I will every thrive if I don't stop eating candy.... I gotta loose this weight!  But I also think I need to learn how to thrive despite the fact that things are not perfect in my world.  If it takes perfection in all areas of my life... I will never thrive for long, because that is just not realistic.

Here's to thriving!  Make it a great day!

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