Monday, October 10, 2011


So very much has happened... I have married.  :)  A true blessing in my life... but it adds to my challenge of everyday thriving.  I have SIX kiddos around now... my three plus three part-time.  I am not their mom.  I am their dad's support.  They have a mom. A good mom.  Blending is a huge challenge because we are the same and we are different.

And the reality of it is... none of us are used to it... and not being used to things is sometimes hard!

Today... I have three here.  School is off.  The house needs attention. The husband is sick. I had a small procedure on my neck.   The weather is beautiful and I just need to be a mom for a little while.

I am back. And I plan to be back almost every day!  I need to thrive.  I am in some ways... I want to in all.

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