Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When I lost my job in January, I was energized with the thought that NOW I would be able to exercise and focus on my body.  I was certain the pounds would just fall off of me.  Of course, that didn't happen, in fact I now weigh MORE than I did when I left work.  I am back to working and frustrated by the fact that most of my clothes don't really fit anymore (and NOT because they are too big).  I am sure that is common for many of us... we REALLY think THIS time we are going to lose the weight.  I just can't believe it when I think back at how many times I was certain I was going to lose it - but never did.

I really hope now is my time.  I have learned a few things.  It is not just about how much I eat - it is more about what I eat.  I need to really reduce and work towards eliminating sugar.  I love it... candy, desserts... I love it.  I need to reduce my carb intake and increase my vegetables and protein.  I need a food diary to keep myself honest.

I just bought The Firm Express.  I did the firm workouts years ago - and they were great.  This is much shorter and hopefully still as effective.  I heard about them at 3am a couple days ago when I couldn't sleep.

Speaking of sleep... that is the other huge one on my list.  I think it is a huge factor in weight loss... So, 10:30pm is my goal to be in bed every night.

It's time... really it is.

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