Monday, September 1, 2014

Victory in Thriving

I used to be fun.. and want to be fun again.  So, I must celebrate the progress.

Monday - Labor Day.

We went to a local Ski Resort to take advantage of their Summer Fun.  Ropes courses.  High in the trees.  It was hard. I survived.. and maybe even thrived a little.  :)

We were STARVING when we were done so went to the on-site snack shack.  As we sat eating, Billy Joel's Piano Man came on the radio.  I sang.  (you should know that is not a pretty sound)  Then, I sang louder.  Then, I stood up on the fireplace hearth and did a little karaoke type display.  Very loudly.

I thought the kids would die of embarrassment.  Everyone survived.  And I felt that I had thrived. Even if just for a moment.

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