Monday, May 9, 2011

I didn't have much to say...

So, my life really has been on an upswing. As I was telling KJ how awesome everything in my life has been going the other day she asked me, "So,are you thriving?". Hmmm,am I thriving?I was afraid to commit. While everything had been going quite well, my health, my job, the kids, relationship with the Lord,I knew there was still a little bit out of balance. Currently that is the relationship with my husband. He seems to be preoccupied at the least. Although we had an enjoyable Mother's Day with our girls and some friends at church and then after,my husband and I could not seem to communicate in any way that was positive. Anyway,it makes me there ever a time this side of heaven that we will indeed thrive in all areas of our life or not?

Why is it that when all was good I didn't have much to say? Now,as things are a little tougher I take the time to do so.

Down just mere ounces under 24 pounds.

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